Miss Amy | Senior Photos {Salem Oregon Senior Photographer}


Okay, I love… no I LOVE these pictures!! Amy, you are beautiful inside and out and you are just radiant in these photos!! I take pleasure in the fact that you were so concerned with being “awkward” in front of the camera and I completely proved you wrong ;). You’re a straight up model, girl.

Onto the GORGEOUSNESS.. I hope you truly love your photos Amy! 🙂

P.S. If you see Amy around this summer rockin’ the floppy hat, you can thank me… just sayin’. I mean, HELLO, does she not completely ROCK the floppy hat?!

salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-10 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-9 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-8 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-7 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-5 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-6
salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photographer-12salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-4 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-2 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography-1 salem-oregon-high-school-senior-photos-photographer-photography

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