Megan + John {first comes love, then comes….the engagement session}

Meet Megan & John.  We had so much fun doing their engagement session and I absolutely can not wait to photograph their wedding next May!  I figure my readers are nosy, like me ;), so I came up with a “He Said/She Said” questionnaire to get to know them more!  I may have interjected a comment here and there, and my comments are in the {} brackets.  Enjoy!

When & where was your first date?

He said: Oct 15, 2011 at McKenzie’s in Sherwood | She said: Oct 15th, 2011 at Mckenzie’s Pub in Sherwood

Who asked who out?

He said: It was kind of mutual | She said: I did, of course  {naturally}

What were you first attracted to?

He said: Her smile | She said: His dimples

Who initiated the first kiss?

He said: She did; I didnt want to seem pushy | She said: Me!!! see the pattern here? lol. {I do, what a gentleman!}

Where did you get engaged?

He said: The Beach House | She said: The beach at Rockaway

Describe the proposal in 3 words.

He said:  Will you marry me (sorry that’s four words) {you’re forgiven John} | She said: Are you serious?

What is your fiance’s favorite drink? 

He said: Coffee {mmm} | She said: Diet Mt. Dew

What song best describes your relationship?

He said: Are you gonna kiss me? {aww} | She said: Mama he’s crazy

Who’s a better dancer?

He said: Me, of course but if you buy that I have ocean front property for sale in Arizona | She said: Me!!! Duh

Who is more laid back?

He said: Depends on the situation | She said: He is {typical male :)}

Whose football team will do better this year?

He said: Hers, unfotunatly the hogs suck this year | She said: Mine of course

What is Megan looking forward to most about the wedding?

He said:  Not sure.. it changes; she a typical woman {hey now…}| She said: The honeymoon

What is John looking forward to most about the wedding?

He said: It being over {I would have bet a large sum of money this is what you’d say} | She said: The honeymoon {someone is looking forward to getting away with her man!}


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