{McNary High Class of ’13} Keizer Oregon High School Senior Photographer


I had a great time walking around the industrial part of town with Robert finding cool locations for his senior photos.  Boys typically aren’t *into* this whole senior portrait thing, but they do it to make their mama happy :)…and I’m happy to say, mom was pleased with the outcome!  We had a good time….dare I say, I think he even enjoyed it a little! 😉  Have a great senior year, Robert!!


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  1. Lori Romano

    Aww! I remember seeing a few of these on Facebook! Seriously one of my favorite of your seniors this year! Awesome locations and this kids seriously has an infectious smile! Great job Tirzah!

  2. Carolina

    I love the urban location. Awesome job, Tirzah!

  3. Perfect location, and awesome senior session! Great pics!


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