1k Fan Session Giveaway | Salem Oregon Photographer

You all helped me do it, and I am so, so thankful for you!! We reached 1,000 fans on Facebook! As of this post, there are 1,008 of you awesome people! I feel so blessed and flattered, and as a way of saying “thank you”, I am giving away a FREE session!!! See the instructions below on how to enter. It’s pretty stinkin’ easy – just leave a comment below :). Good luck, and I’m looking forward to seeing who the winner is next week!! Tell your friends to come enter too!

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  1. Christina Maahs

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the ones of your youngest:)

  2. Megan W

    Your photography is so great! I would love to have a eal session with my family instead of going to a place in the mall. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift!

  3. Danyelle Cole

    You have such a special gift! Your photos are awesome!

  4. Kerrin Swanson

    yes yes, we could certainly use a new family portrait… we haven’t had one in two years..

  5. Hayley McShane

    Love your photos Tirzah! You always do an awesome job!!

  6. Sara Ellingsworth

    Hi friend! So happy you reached your goal. Have an awesome day!!

  7. Valerie Hill-Hagan

    LOVE IT!!!! You have an amazing gift!

  8. Sonia

    Your photos are all so beautiful!

  9. Megan

    So awesome to watch your business grow!

  10. Suntara Beachy

    I absolutely love all the updates from your website every single day. You do amazing work and the pictures of your children are priceless! <3

  11. Heidi Denham

    Congrats on 1k! You do great work and this is an awesome giveaway 🙂

  12. Courtney

    You take such amazing pictures and your pictures of kids really show their little personalities.

  13. Chandra g

    You are an awesome photographer. You really capture peoples personalities in your photos.

  14. valerie feliciano

    You deserve it! Your photos ate amazing!!!!

  15. Kim Malvaney

    I would love to win!!! I have never had family photos done!! Sad, I know!! I need to remedy this!! lol!!

  16. Karri Crosson

    You are an amazing photographer and I so want to have you take pictures of my twins! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work.

  17. Jayme Pierce

    Just got engaged and would love a free session!

  18. Ashley

    This sounds exciting! I never got my senior pictures so I would love a photo session!

  19. Kristina Erickson

    I am having my first baby in early August and would love to win a maternity or newborn shoot! 🙂

  20. Heather Geil

    Love your work Tirzah!!

  21. Danielle Johnston

    Congrats on getting 1 k fans on facebook!

  22. matt griffith

    Love your photos!

  23. Gillian Herndon

    Tirzah, your pictures are so inspiring I love seeing them on my facebook feeds! Also, the picturs you took of my family are always looking back and me reminding me of the love we all share … thank you so much for capturing that! I look forward to future sessions with you 🙂

  24. Rachelle Morrison

    Tirzah you are an amazing photographer! Congrats on reaching 1000 fans! What a great accomplishment!

  25. Love this! Thanks for the awesome contest Tirzah!

  26. Jennifer Ledbetter

    Way to go Tirzah on 1000+ fans!! I just love seeing your creativity come through your photos! They’re just beautiful!

  27. Tiffany Lord

    You are so talented! I love being able to see your beautiful pictures on facebook!

  28. Tirzah My wife and I love looking at your photos. You have a gift with a camera and I truly admire your ability. so keep posting your work and I will keep looking
    thank you again

  29. Onalie Johnston

    Tirah, I’m so excited that you finally made it to 1000 fans and you are doing a giveaway!!! Thank you!

  30. Kindra Mckillip

    Your pictures are gorgeous!! You took pictures of my niece and they were fabulous!! I haven’t had my kids pictures taken together for way to many years!! Even if I don’t win I am going to book an appointment!!

  31. Courtney

    Love your work!!

  32. Jayme

    Congrats on 1000 fans!! I love, love, love all the pictures of my kiddos that you have taken.

  33. carri russell

    Your great at what u do! pics Would be great haven’t had a family photo ever!

  34. Kelly

    🙂 keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  35. Whitney Oliver

    Love your photo’s! Trying to find a photographer for family pictures! Just had a new baby! Would love to win ;))!


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