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First of all, I want to thank everyone who took the time to play for a chance to win a mini session!

I decided to go “old school” with choosing the winner…good ‘ol sharpie, paper, and a bowl! (I know, with and all the other online options for choosing winners, who does it this way anymore?? LOL). But, I wanted to take some pictures…and who else to be my assistant but my lovely daughter?! She was more than happy to put on a cute little outfit and assist!

What do I do mama? Just sit here and look cute??

Oooh…I need to reach in there and grab one of those?

What does it say?? You read it, mama!!





CONGRATULATIONS ANGELA S!!!!!! Shoot me an email via the contact button above or a message on my FB and we’ll schedule your mini session!

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  1. heidi

    bringing tears to my eyes…

    love <3

  2. Kaili

    Yippee – my Kenyan bowl was in the photo shoot! Recycled flip flops at work people! Z is so cute!

  3. marilyn myers

    You have a very lovely assistant <3


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