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I wanted to get a picture of my sweet girl in her “my HEART belongs to daddy” shirt for him today. Some day, she will be whisked away by her prince charming and daddy will have to share her heart with another man. Until then, he is holding on to it for dear life. Oh, how he adores his little princess (and the feeling is mutual, lemme tell ya!)

So, you all know how it is photographing your own children – as soon as you get out the camera, no matter WHAT age they are, they put on the “cheese” smile. Well, that is until you start playing PEEK-A-BOO! Works every time (at least for the under 3 crowd) :). I just adore this shot of my sweet girl, and thought it would be fitting for IHF’s “hearts” theme.

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Photo Challenge Submission

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  1. Your little girl is so beautiful. This is such a sweet photo.

  2. Tiffany

    lovely little girl and photo!! xoxo


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