A Foggy Morning | Wilsonville Oregon Family Photographer

Well….living in Oregon, one thing we certainly know is that you can never depend on the weather. LOL! I left a blue sky, sunny Salem to head up North, and by the time I arrived on location it was thick-as-pea-soup fog! No matter though – I ended up completely loving how the colors of the outfits contrasted with the fog. I really love the look & feel of these photos.

Not to mention, such a cute little family…pretty much impossible to take a bad photo!

Poor little K wasn’t feeling so hot this morning, but he still pulled out a few small grins for the camera.

Hope you enjoy the photos “F” family!

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  1. Cristen

    These are SO GORGEOUS. The fog/mist really adds something and makes them pop from the background! Beautiful family <3

  2. Love the fog! Very nice touch that you normally don’t get to see in portraits. What a happy little guy. Great moments captured. I love that shot by the stone wall too. Gorgeous family!

  3. Bailey

    Wow… these are amazing!! Wish I had some like these to hang on my walls!

  4. Great family pics! You did a great job T!!!

  5. JennW

    Beautiful!! Lovely family, and I love the colors in the photos!!

  6. marilyn myers

    These photos are positively beautiful! Beautiful setting, beautiful family, beautiful work!


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