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As a photographer, I love when I have a vision for a photo shoot, and it plays out JUST like it did in my head. The minute I get a client inquiry, I start envisioning what our photo shoot will look like. I also LOVE when a client has an idea, and I like trying to make their idea come to life :). This particular client asked for a session for her daughters with maybe a barn, or some sort of a rustic building. Well, not owning a farm (oh, but I sure wish I did :)), I went out looking for a location as described. I came across this super cool old building and I just loved the colors, textures,

and rustic-ness of it all. I got permission from the owner to use it for the photo shoot, and it was a go!

We had a lot of fun. I LOVE to shoot teenagers (um, photograph teenagers? You know what I mean ;)). It usually takes a few minutes to warm up to the camera, but once they do, it’s always so much fun!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of these beautiful young ladies!

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  1. Um, can you pick up this whole location and ship it to NJ? haha. I just love it! And the photos (and the girls) are GORGEOUS! Awesome job T!


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