Sweet Baby D | Salem, Oregon Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet baby D when he was just 6 days new. Baby D’s mama and I went to school together…if someone would have told us back then that years down the road I’d be taking photos of her newborn I probably wouldn’t have believed them! You see, in high school, my goal was to grow up and be an athletic trainer! Ha, funny how time changes things :).

Oh, how I adore sweet little newborns. Having a fairly new one myself (who compared to baby D isn’t so new anymore!), you really see how quickly that *brand new* newborn stage goes by.

Enjoy the pictures of this precious sweetie and feel free to leave some love in the comments section!

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  1. Jadi R Austin

    I sat looking through these and immediately had tears streaming down my face. You are amazing with newborns and you did such a good job capturing baby Dylan’s innocence!

  2. Jayme Fenk

    It is crazy how fast they grow…he’s already changed so much since you took these! I will definitely treasure these pictures forever!


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