i heart faces weekly challenge | best face photo {march}

UPDATE- I got 9th place! YAY!


It’s People’s Choice this week (meaning you get to VOTE on who you think should win this week’s contest!), and the theme is “best face in March”.

My son’s birthday is on St. Patrick’ s Day,

so I knew this HAD to be my entry this week! I just love this shot and that big glowing smile 🙂 If you do too, please head over to I Heart Faces and vote!!

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  1. Now that is one cool St. Patricks Day hat : ) Love his smile!

  2. Aw. A St. Patrick’s Day Birthday! I wonder if as a child he understands the whole celebration of two things at once. When I was little my home town had a festival every year and when the fireworks were on my birthday I thought it was for me. It was always a very special moment. Great capture. I love the joy he brings to the capture.

  3. great photo! I loved this set of your birthday boy!

  4. Love it, Tirzah! Love the had and the smile. So cute!

  5. Great photograph. Love how is screams March!


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