cupcakes, rain boots and hot chocolate {salem, oregon child photographer}

What more could a little boy want for his 5th birthday photo shoot?! 🙂 I had a great “date” with my little guy for cupcakes and hot chocolate…hard to believe he’ s already FIVE.

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and just keep my kids little!!

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  1. Lori Romano

    What a fun shoot! I love these Tirzah! The one with the big smile and the cupcake is priceless!

  2. Grandma S.P.

    Such great photos Tirzah. I love them all, but the one at the end with his eyes talking, is my favorite. Talking with his eyes is one of the many special traits he has. He is certainly a CUTIE!!!!!!!!

  3. Shelby

    Great way to capture a milestone in little mans life! Great pics!


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